Thursday, October 1, 2009

Health Dept - Wake Up!

Just read this article in the LA Times ~ Food Fight Waged Over Refrigeration of Asian Noodles.

This is not just culture that is lost in translation; it's really plain ignorance on the State Health Department's part. They've been blindly applying archaic regulations across the board without bothering to really learn and understand that different foods require different storing and handling. And I mean really different foods. After all, this is California. This State has one of the highest concentrations of immigrants and (thankfully) has a rich diversity of foods. You just can't apply the same temperature rule to a hamburger versus rice noodles or mooncake. Wake up Health Dept and do your homework!

I'm rooting for the noodle manufacturers and we better win this one because I'm not buying cold, brittle rice noodles for my noodle soups.

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H. C. said...

Not that I disagree, but the Health Dept.'s first and foremost priority is ensuring food safety and protecting the public health, not preserving flavors and textures of foods -- to no one's surprise, initially they will be making oversweeping general rules and guidelines before taking a more nuanced approach for specific foods (e.g. from roast beef, which often cooked at a lower temperature, to selling and comsumption of absinthe, and now and hopefully, storage of Asian noodles) -- so I'm glad that debate and "controversy" like this is stirring up, and hopefully more dialogues for other foods will arise.