Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Under Pressure for a Valentine's Gift for Your Foodie Honey? Sous Vide!

Need the perfect gift for your food-loving girlfriend or boyfriend? Want to give something that will benefit your belly too? May I suggest the Sous Vide Supreme?

I got one for Christmas and I finally got a semi-quiet weekend to try it out recently. The results were amazing. Everything you may have heard is true. Meat (especially tough cuts) comes out super tender, juicy and flavorful. You can end up using less fat to cook and less money buying expensive cuts of meat. It's easy once you read through some sous vide instructions (this site is a good place to start) and you can get a decent vacuum sealer from Coscto. Even my boyfriend, who never cooks, said he'd like to cook with the sous vide machine because the prep and cooking work feels less daunting.

Pork tenderloin seasoned with a bit of kosher salt, fresh-ground black pepper and fennel pollen. I didn't marinate it overnight or anything. Just seasoned, vacuum-sealed it, put it in the sous vide supreme for 2 hours and then seared it on all sides when it was done. I even had a second tenderloin cooking in the machine for another night's meal.