Sunday, October 10, 2010

Farmers Market Welcomes Me to My New Hood

It's a bit of a culture shock to go from Palms/Culver City to Sherman Oaks but I'm making the adjustment, albeit a slow adjustment. Food is a must for me in acclimating to a neighborhood and so far, I'm really happy to find authentic Vietnamese pho at Pho So 1 (you don't have this on the Westside), delicious but cheap $9 lamb shawarma plates at Pita Kitchen and the rich pork Tonkatsu ramen at Jinya Ramen.

My happy find today is the Studio City Farmers Market. I missed having easy access to several weekend farmers markets in Mar Vista and Santa Monica and finding the Studio City market helped me feel a bit more at home today. It's a pretty good-size market with a variety of vendors selling fresh produce, eggs, honey, mushrooms, fresh pasta, seafood, breads, jewelry and clothing. It's also a great place to grab breakfast or lunch; I was really tempted to eat there but my hands were full of ingredients for the lunch and dinner that I was going to cook as soon as I got home.

My bounty from the Studio City Farmers Market! I had one of these peaches right away when I got home. Man, it was juicy, sweet and tasted like Summer and most importantly, it smelled like a ripe peach!

The Yang Farmstand had these beautiful baby bok choys, eggplants, carrots, garlic and green onions. The rest I got at from different vendors.

I'm super excited about this fresh bucatini pasta and can't wait to cook it with some tiger prawns and a homemade tomato sauce tonight.

This bakery has really good bread. All natural and no preservatives and the bread is fresh and soft like a pillow. I was there too late and missed out on the cinnamon raisin bread but I put this one to good use for lunch today. Must try their rosemary, garlic and potato varieties next time.

I present you a BET. Bacon - Egg - Tomato.
Truth is I forgot to buy lettuce but substituting with an overeasy egg with the yolk running over the fresh heirloom tomato and the whole wheat honey bread made this sandwich a winner. Dan and I eat like Kings.

Oh, don't forget to compliment your BET with a soda from Galco's. I love Cheerwine; it's like Cherry Dr. Pepper but way better.

So, I am starting to adjust to my new hood. It is an easy 20 minute zip to Highland Park to satisfy my taco cravings whereas it took me 40 minutes from Palms before and it is relatively easy to get to K-town (Korean BBQ!) and Downtown. If you ever find yourself in the area, give my finds a try. I also welcome recommendations. If it weren't for a friend's recommendation, I wouldn't have found Pita Kitchen. Now, if only Father's Office and Sasabune would open on this side of town...

12052 Ventura Pl
Los Angeles, CA 91604
Sundays - 8am to 1pm
Free parking behind the Chase Bank or the nearby CBS Studios

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Joseph said...

Sherman Oaks isn't too far from the North Hollywood version of Thai Town, which mostly runs along Sherman Way. There are several good Thai restaurants there (Krua Thai, Sri Siam, Sanam Luang) as well as several pho places that look promising. Also, this sausage store is amazing, and kind of secret for the time being.