Saturday, August 22, 2009

10 Eggs & Ham

Yes, I had ten eggs and ham for lunch today

That is.....ten quail eggs and jamon serrano (yes, my serrano binge continues).

I've been wanting to cook this meal ever since I saw another blogger post pictures of her brunch at The Bazaar. The Bazaar is Jose Andres' new fancy pants restaurant at the SLS Hotel in Beverly Hills but I've yet to go try it. While I'm waiting for my special occasion (and saving up my money), why not try to re-create what I can? I think sometimes I eat better at home than at restaurants.

I picked up the quail eggs from the Santa Monica Farmers Market. The Jamon Serrano and the fresh, piping hot French baguette came from Surfas.

(Note: The calories, protein and fat from 10 quail eggs is about the same as 2 large chicken eggs.)

Carefully crack all the quail eggs in a medium bowl. When cracked, the quail eggs won't split cleanly in two halves like a chicken egg because it has a thicker membrame between the shell and the egg. So, crack the egg and gently peel back the membrane and shell and let the egg slide into the bowl.

Don't worry if little pieces of egg shell falls into the bowl - just pick them out with your fingers.

Heat a skillet or pan and a little oil on high heat. Pour the bowl of quail eggs into the hot pan and immediately turn the heat real low (as low as possible) and sprinkle a little salt over the eggs.

Don't flip the eggs if you want them sunny side up (they look adorable sunny side up, don't they?). Tilt the pan slightly side-to-side so the egg whites spread evenly and gets cooked.

This was so easy and quick to make - about 5 minutes to cook. The only thing that really took time was cracking the quail eggs (it took about 10 minutes) but by the 7th egg, I really got the hang of it and it was much quicker.

Slide the eggs onto a nice plate and add whatever you want. In my case, I added a small piece of baguette, one slice of serrano ham and some mini sunburst tomatoes.

This was the perfect post-workout lunch - lots of protein, some carbohydrates and vegetables - my nutritionist approves! When you're on a diet, eat well! It doesn't have to be boring or bland.


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Yummcky? It was delicious :)

I just bought 6 fresh duck eggs today. Can't wait to see how those will taste sunny-side up.